Sir Carl, the Digital Artist..

With over 30 years of PC experience it’s no wonder we accumulated tons of Photo and digital imaging experience. Starting out as a young student, Carl worked in the darkroom developing B&W film for a Photo shop located in Sigtuna, which is believed to be the oldest known city in Sweden, the land of Sagas filled with Trolls and Goblins.. After many years of using film SLR’s developing his own style, the Digital era presented itself with many potential artistic   improvements, and as the technology improved, it ingcreasingly      made less sense to stay with traditional film..

Poster, CD/DVD Album art.

Today we’re one of the few International studios to offer Photo, Video as well as 3D media for our clients art needs. You might choose us for your poster or Album art.. Or why not present a DVD package with Video, 3D animations to take advantage of the enhanced Audio and Media Capabilities of todays DVD formats.. “Brag as you proudly ride home..” Knowing you’ve offered your fans your own DVD Multi-Media presentation with superior art work, filled with BorsingStudios 48-Khz*,16-, 20- or 24-bits per sample, 5.0 or 5.1 surround sound Mix and/or Master today.. “

Hello world..

BorsingStudios will offer you many Indie payment options since we’re in the business of being life long students and performing artists our  selves. We’re allways on the look out for talented musicians for our own  albums, downloadable Komplete 5 instruments and music productions, soon to be distributed world wide as parts of our global Marketing stratergy.. If you are interested in other media productions for your events, such as Weddings, commercials, Industrial presentations, online workshops etc, we’re pleased to inform you that we, again,  might be of interest to you.. As all Media productions is about the preparation, we expect you to have a clear understanding of what it is you want to see in your finished product. This often includes a complete script, with picture or video clips properly communicating everything from camera angles, speech and music..
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