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And so It starts.. The Borsing Studios Project will be my first in a series of internationally released online music compositions and will be followed up with any combination of CD-Audio / Vinyl album, Video / music DVD, Blue Ray with HD or 4K film as well as HQ music, in the mean time plans for our Project Studio is beginning to take shape..
The BorsingStudios Project..
BorsingStudios "The Lord Of The Project Studio?" All the essential hard/software have been set up in our new Project Studio. The floor, MIDI drum podium and it’s LFE is finished and gear set up All that is left to do is to re paint walls and ceiling and add acoustic panels..  The music added to most pages on this site is what I call “noodleing” and is  considered to be little more than work in progress.  I have yet to (re)learn new diciplines in the art of writing good, tasteful music but now the fun can begin.. We're uncommonly "lucky", living on 3.44 Acres corner lot where you can't hear  music playing, walking past our house on the nearest road, even with a front  window and/or door open. this makes things a lot easier since it presents a number  of alternatives in terms of getting "rid" of, foremost unwelcomed high energy  frequencies.... Download 3D PDF to read on,  Compressed portable PDF format easily ehared with your friends & collegues..