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Four Play has been one of my favorites for many years not only do they play great music their mixing and mastering is of great quality..
Andreas Wollenveider impressed me greatly when I first heard his music many years ago his records are also masterfully produced..
Kate Bush is yet one of my favorite artists, besides from having a secret teenage crush on her (and Stevie Nicks), I grew to greatly admire her sensual, incredible performances as she influenced my musical taste a great deal..
Besides the Beatles, Jeff Lynne and his band Electric Light Orchestra left an everlasting thirst for more of their timeless music..
Queens music is of course close to my heart and definitely timeless, unforgettable.. my favorites produce not just a few great songs since most of their songs are great.. Too many artists missing, ranging from rock to classical hits have to be mentioned.. Sinatra, Tom Jones,   Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Nasareth, Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Procul Harum, Supertramp, eagles, Gilbert O’ Sullivan, David Bowie, Clash, Abba, Ted Garestad.. Dire Straits, Mike Oldfield, My parents Ewy Aina & Ebbe Bruno Borsing..  - As of course are many, many others.. Copyright 2013 BorsingStudios, All Rights Reserved.  Terms and Conditions
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Oh, and Leif Blunck who’s besides being a cool Musician, used to be my Swedish boss.. Mike Oldfield’s new Album with the Song  “Man on the rocks” is fantastic..