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? Have unfinished projects Contact us, were here to help... Mozilla Thunderbird     Public PGP key Hi, YAll!  Im a Swedish born dude, living in sunny Malta for the time being. Ive been into music most of my life, playing in bands and doing studio work. I like all kinds of music, from Swedish folk music to Rock of the harder kind.  I look forward to seeing BorsingStudios grow and prosper and I know that Carl will do his best to serve the needs of all you Music People out there. If youre looking for a great recording studio, this is the place.  Rolf Nilsson. CONTACT
BorsingStudios  6 Gwathney Church Rd 37334 Fayetteville, TN USA. (1)931-229-4056 Studio (1)561-385-2160 Cell 24/7 International free voice call. or 1-931-229-4056 regular calls. Studio profile reserved for file transfers and video calls.