ProTools 11/11-Rack, Sony Vegas Pro 13 Suite is finally here..  Increased performance on our current workstation is substantial, even so we’re looking forward to build a second WS for video, 3d and music production..  Video gear: The 4K quad “Phantom 3 Pro” which use a Sony Image sensor and the Sony AX33 4K Camcorder with active Image stabilization.   New insrtuments / MIDI keyboards and a surface controller, microphones, external preamps and compressors  Last but not least.. Komplete 10 Ultimate and several other virtual instruments are high on our the shopping list.. HOME SERVICES PRODUCTS MEDIA CONTACT NEWS LINKS ABOUT HOME
Great production value.   With industry standard solutions. Sound On Sound made this ribbon microphone perform very close to the “much snobbier” $1400 Coles 4038, with which they compared it, by boosting the highs and taming the lows. We purchased ours slightly used at Guitar Center for $60 + a $30 1-year full coverage protection plan since, unlike B&H, they seem to test all their products, and the 1.8 micron ribbon itself isn't covered by the warranty. This Ribbon produces a warmer sound with extended high end response as far as typical ribbons are concerned and adds brightness when using the rear side of the Ribbon microphone’s figure eight pattern. Included Shock mount MXL R144 Ribbon Microphones. Very nice warm sound but fragile.. k g l h b t We accept And Copyright 2013 BorsingStudios, All Rights Reserved.  Terms and Conditions
Velkomin To our International`friendly Project Studio. Our studio provides excellent space for practice sessions, workshops and acoustic recordings, with state of the art hardware and software. Last, but not least, your very own Swedish born studio engineer and Artist Sir Carl, who  has been involved with Computers, analog and digital audio within a broad range of musical styles most of his life..  We use Izotope suites of industry standard plug-ins and  Native instruments KOMPLETE 8/9, Industry standard synthesized instruments and currently KOMPLETE Audio 6 which is Native Instruments professional Audio interface.    ” Professional sounding productions is more about knowledge and combined musical experience, rather than how large a budget was used, furnishing a studio, or stocking up on often overpriced audio snob gear.. “  NEW We’ve begun the challengeing and time consuming process of composing materials for our first music releases and are looking for musicians and other artists interested in collaborative exchanges.. - Velkomin (- welcome) Also Collaborative music production exchanges.. Individual agreement with select clients.. Hard/software upgrade in progress